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Right Hand Publishing offers a number of services for those at every level. Whether you're a student, a first-time author, a startup publisher, or you simply need some layout work completed, sometimes you just need a little help to reach your goals.

Print layout and eBook conversions with specialization in popular print-on-demand​ solutions and digital distribution, such as platforms like CreateSpace, Lulu, Kindle Direct Publishing, and Smashwords. 

If you need help with submissions and the other steps involved, consider taking advantage of book shepherding services.

If you're completely new to self-publishing or prefer someone with experience to work as your right-hand man, Right Hand Publishing can offer you personalized attention and care to guide you throughout the entire publishing process.

When RHP cannot directly offer a service, your book shepherd will help you find someone that can without charging you twice for their services.

Need another set of eyes to catch all those typos, clean up your grammar, and help you fill in the gaps of your content? We offer standalone editing and proofreading services for those that aren't quite ready to publish or have their own publishing solutions already in place.

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