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Right Hand Publishing is dedicated to helping authors reach their publishing goals through services and personalized consulting. With nearly 15 years of experience in the publishing industry and the technical skills required for publishing across multiple sales platforms, Robert Louis Henry offers first-time authors, businesses, and small press publishers the attention and pricing that larger companies are rarely willing or able to give. Specializations includes book layout, eBook conversions, advice on distribution, editing, proofreading, and help hiring the other contractors required to finish the work with professionalism and quality in mind. Initial consultation is always free!

Robert Louis Henry
Founder, Book Shepherd

I have been actively involved in publishing for nearly 15 years as an author, the publisher at Leaf Garden Press, and as a freelance publisher, editor, and writer.

I specialize in self-publishing with an emphasis on helping first-time and experienced authors, businesses, and publishers navigate the publishing process, understand the many challenges involved, and produce a polished product ready for their readers to enjoy. I've worked with people from all walks of life, from yoga instructors to CEOs and everyone in between. 

Unlike many "book shepherds" that charge to simply hire the help required and answer some of your questions, I can personally offer editing and proofreading, print layout, eBook conversions, image adjustments, publishing consulting, accounts management, and a myriad of related tasks. I can be involved in almost every step of the process from conception to publication day, and I do not have to charge you or any contractors additional fees just for helping you work together.

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