Print and Digital Book Layout

If your text is already edited and all you need is book layout, RHP specializes in constructing book interior's for print-on-demand platforms and eBook retailer platforms. While we don't specifically offer cover design unless you have your own image for the background, we can easily point you towards several great cover designers.

Take a look at our Projects page to see some of our past work.

Print Layout

RHP specializes in Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and Lulu layout requirements, but we can also help with services such as Lightning Source, Blurb, BookBaby, and many others. Since the vast majority of our clients are trying to have their books available on Amazon, our typical suggestion is Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing, as it has virtually no fees, offers the cheapest authors prints, allows for easy adjustments to interior and cover files, and sports an easy-to-use interface.

The layout is generally produced in Microsoft Word with the intention of allowing the author to make their own adjustments down the road, have easy access to their book content, and keep down the costs of having to overpay someone to completely lay the book out again should you make any significant adjustments. While Microsoft Word isn't the most powerful tool for laying out books, we believe it is in the author's best interest to be able to actually open and edit their source files. (Adobe InDesign book files can be worked on as well.)

The final product is a print-ready PDF that has gone through Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Distiller (where appropriate), and through checks to ensure best printing possible.

eBook Formatting and Conversions

RHP specializes in Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon) and Smashwords (everyone else) eBook formatting and conversations, but can provide ePub files appropriate for many online retailers.

In an ideal situation, you would have a Word document version for your book, but we can typically work with other formats as well. Some formats may require additional time.

We strongly suggest Kindle Direct Publishing and Smashwords. Amazon's Kindle store is the largest eBook retailer in the world. Smashwords is a distribution service that places your book on Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble's Nookstore, Kobo, Txtr, Scribd, Diesel, and a long list of smaller eBook retailers. While it is possible to work with many of these retailers directly, the headache is often not worth the additional investment of cost and time.

With Kindle books, formatting is handled first in Microsoft Word. When needed, the files are then converted into HTML where many touch-ups occur to ensure the best possible compatible, adjustments to image sizes, as well as adjustments for list items, tables, etc. In some instances, certain text elements must be converted into graphics for the best possible compatibility.

Smashwords has a strict set of formatting guidelines that we follow to the letter. This is required for premium distribution to all of their retail partners. In some instances, this may require sacrifices to layout and design elements, but with years of experience, we've devised many ways to approach these challenges and produce the best possible highly-compatible eBook experience for readers.