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3 Reasons to Write a Book for Your Business

If you own a business, any number of business coaches or the endless stream of business articles you read may suggest that writing a book can create new buzz and expand your reach to customers. While not all businesses or entrepreneurs may see a reason to publish a book within their niche, the option for another stream of income and a chance to market your fuller services and products often makes writing a book a plausible road to travel down.

Here are my top three reasons to write and publish a book for your business.

Reason #1: Build Authority in Your Niche

Perhaps the most obvious reason for entrepreneurs to write their first book is to help build authority within their chosen niche. This is especially true for any type of professional that offers consulting. That means anything from travel agent, to fashion blogger, to branding specialist, to business coaches, life coaches, holistic healers, and just about anything else. This is obviously true for other types of professionals as well. If the book does well with loads of positive reviews, your credibility only increases over time. As authority builds, so does your ability to meet new clients, sell more products/services, and charge more per sale.

Reason #2: Generate Additional Exposure

The vast majority of books that fall on my desk from businesses and entrepreneurs are intended to create a new sales funnel for their business. The end goal is not specifically to make a profit on the book itself, but to use the book as a means to introduce their expertise, what their business can offer, and how the potential customer is going to benefit from a helping hand. When successful, these books are not simply long advertisements, but they provide the type of value that educate readers and keeps them looking for more information and services.

Reason #3: Create a New Income Stream

A books is a great way to generate a new product for your business. While turning a single book into a viable income stream is not always easy, a book that sells well can more than make up for the costs and time involved in creating this new product. If you are already great at marketing and have a dedicated customer and/or fan base, they will very likely adopt the book if it provides information they haven’t already received from you.

Value! Value! Value!

I’d like to stress my point about not making a book into one long advertisement. You must provide the reader with value if you expect them to leave good reviews, follow up on you calls to action, and hopefully become long-term customers. Providing value is a must for your business to thrive.

Not sure where to start? See last week's post on 5 Methods to Start Writing Your Book.

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