Book Shepherding

Are you completely lost or just want a whole publishing solution in one place? RHP is happy to become your go-to resource for all things self-publishing.

Help with the Entire Process

From your first draft until the day of publication, having someone that can answer your questions, handle large portions of the work, and find the right contractors for those portions of the work they cannot handle is going to make a world of difference in the process. Ideal for first-time authors or authors that are much too busy to handle everything on their own.

Think of your book shepherd as one-part project manager, one-part freelance contractor, and one-part book coach. Along the way, your shepherd can help you with:

  1. Editing and proofreading

  2. Citations, footnotes, indexing, and other references

  3. Book layout for print and digital formats

  4. Understanding and obtain ISBNs

  5. Running surveys for pre-publication market research

  6. Locating a cover designer, and help to make the cover layout process easier

  7. Dialing in on effective book description text

  8. Keyword and category research for your book

  9. Publishing your book to the many online platforms

  10. Answering any questions you may have along the way

What Sets RHP Apart...

In a more traditional book shepherd and client situation, it is very likely that the book shepherd is not going to handle a large portion of the work themselves. Instead, most book shepherds put together a team to help make this possible. In some instances, these book shepherds take a portion of the fees paid to the contractors even if they charge you hourly for their time as well. Because RHP is able to keep many of the processes "in house," there are no additional charges for the work of others.

RHP relies on a network of great freelance contractors to help their clients, and certain tasks require outside help at this time. 


Services RHP currently suggests outsourcing:

  • Cover​ design

  • Illustration/graphic design (though we can help with images in general)

  • Advanced marketing services

  • Extensive writing services